Tuesday, August 22, 2006

8.19/8.20 weekend madness!

It's that time again... time for the weekend recap. Yay!


Token got up early (6:15 a.m. - he's crazy) and started dust-busting and cooking and cleaning. Grr... to him!!! He must have realized he was being loud, so he came and pulled the bedroom door shut, and I continued to sleep until 9:30. We headed to the Agana Boat Basin to embark on our dolphin watching tour. We were two amongst four "white Americans" on the tour - everyone else was Japanese. We've gotten used to being the minority here, so it's no biggie.

The boat (called Si Sirena) headed out in search of spinner dolphins, but unfortunately, they were being shy and we didn't see any. Boo!!!! We were disappointed, but the boat ride was still a lot of fun. Our tour guides anchored the boat away from shore and we snorkeled for about an hour before heading back to the boat basin. The day was bright and sunny until the ride back to the dock, where it absolutely POURED. For awhile, I thought we were lost in the middle of the ocean because we couldn't see 10 feet anywhere around us. It was crazy. Luckily we saw the rain coming and headed down to the covered part of the boat, unlike some of our Japanese friends who got soaked standing on the deck. They didn't look like they were having too much fun.

Aww... isn't he cute?

On the Philippine Sea

playing with the settings on my new camera - I almost have it figured out!

*disclaimer on the pics - I can hear my family now, "We never see any pictures of Tracie..." Don't you worry!! Token promises to take more of me, but it's up to me if they will end up on here ;).

After the boat trip, we headed home and cleaned up. Token was feeling a bit tired, so he took a nap while I went to the gym. When I got home, we got ready to go to the Air Force Base to play some Colorama Bowling. It's so much fun, but so hard to explain, so bear with me. Okay, incorporated in with the regular white pins are colored pins. When the colored pins are in certain formations, you have the chance to win money, but only if you get a strike when the pins are in the money-winning formations. Whew!

You can win $2, $5, etc. up to $25! It's $15 to play and you get three games. I started the first two frames of the first game with ZERO!!! That's right - I gutter-balled FOUR times in a row. Our lane-mates were supportive, but I felt like an idiot. They were pretty serious bowlers, complete with arm guards and professional balls and stuff. I'm sure they were laughing hysterically at me on the inside. Amazingly enough, I scored the same exact score (98 and proud!) on the first two games. Token did a lot better - he was way over 100 the whole time (he just emailed me to say he scored 128 and 129 on the first two games). After each game, the bowling manager would pull out a number and if the number he pulled matched your exact score, you won $5. After the first game, what number did he pull?? The lofty number 98, baby! Woohoo! $5 for me! I have to admit, I was the ONLY person who scored under 100, but at that time it didn't matter. The five bucks was mine!

We won some more money hitting strikes and stuff and then after the third game, the bowling manager did his schtick again. This time, my score was 154 (I even got a turkey in the third game!) and Token was 153 (take that! ha!) . He reached in his little number holder and pulled out number... :drumroll please: ... 154!!! If Guam had a lottery, we would have bought a lottery ticket that night, because winning twice was pretty crazy. The other people playing (and it was PACKED! Probably 75 people or so) couldn't believe a) I went from scoring a 98 to a 154, and b) that I won two times! We ended up taking home $14 in winnings, which paid for one of us to play. Cool deal!

Token struttin' his stuff on the bowling lane. Look at that form!


We BOTH slept in - 'til 9:30!!!! You don't know how excited I get when Token actually sleeps in. It's a rare occasion and I treasure it when it happens. We got up, watched our usual Sunday morning shows and did our usual Sunday routine, which consists of not a lot. We did run/walk/lunge/squat around the 3.2 mile loop on base, but that's really about it. Pretty boring.

...next post - pics of our lovely abode.

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