Monday, August 14, 2006

First Post!

So, I guess by starting this blog, we have officially crossed over into "dork-dom." But seriously, I wish we had thought of doing this two years ago - it's a great way to communicate with our friends and family back in the States about all the fun and exciting (and sometimes slow and very boring) things we are up to!

I have a feeling I (Tracie) will be updating this more than Token, but I also have gobs more time at work than he does, so it's all good.

Hope you all will follow along with us as we spend our last year in Guam. May it go by fast ;).


Beau said...

First post!

Haha...I've been a dork for years! Welcome to the fold :P This is hilarious, by the way. I was just talking about starting a family blog with mom and Jay last week.

Last year in Guam? Where to next? We're all looking forward to seeing you in September for our impromptu reunion.

As for me, starting school on the 28th and extremely excited! The four year break has been driving me a little crazy so being back in classes should be fun. The pool has also been really busy this summer and I think the classes will end up being more of a break :)

Excellent idea with the blog! Now it's just a matter of getting everyone to use it.

Tracie/Token said...

Hey Beau!!! Glad you found it! I seriously wish I would have thought about this sooner - it's a great way to keep in touch. A family blog would be awesome, too! Token talks to you guys more than I do, and I'm always wondering what's going on.

Yep - last year in Guam. Yay! No idea where we're going next. I'm gunnin' for somewhere in Europe, but who knows. Can't wait for September.

Good luck with school! I'm sure you're excited. I always think about going back, but then think of the math classes I'd have to take, and that totally kills the idea (I'm not a numbers person by any stretch of the imagination). What's your major?

If your mom or dad have problems trying to get on here, could you give them some instructions? I'd appreciate it!

Ma & Pa BR said...

Hey T&T,
A blog - how cool is that!?! This could be fun! I hope I know what I'm doing here and this posts right. Guess we'll see! Sounds like you had a nice weekend, wet, but good. We had to take Tif to the vet today to get her nails clipped. I know, I should be able to do that, but no thanks!! She was real. The Gen Conners are gone from the convention center - yeh!!! It's quiet again, but then again, I don't think a convention center is supposed to be quiet, is it!! Tee Hee! Well, I best get for now. I hope your blogging is a great success and we will drop in now and then to check up on it! Love you both, Mom Br.

Tracie/Token said...

Hi Mom Br ;)!! Glad you figured out how to use this! I think it's a good way to let you all know what we're up to. Wish I would have thought about it 2 years ago!

I can't believe you took Tif to get her nails clipped! What about Gabbie?

Talk to you later!

Anonymous said...

I'm planning on Rec Sports with minors in Tourism and Aquatics, or Tourism with minors in Rec Sports and Aquatics...kind of a toss up right now. I'm doing a lot of research into the types of jobs available and I'm leaning towards tourism. I really want to go back to Bahrain (or that area) in the future and the tourism industry is booming right now. It's a perfect time to get in!

There's always the military recreation angle as well, so if I find myself headed that direction I'd probably go for rec sports. Journalism always comes up as well...obviously our parents had no effect on me when I was growing up. But I would just take a class or two of that for some experience.

As for the first two semesters I need to get my GPA back up and take all the basic HPER classes anyway so I have some time to decide. I'm just glad to be going back to school! I even went in and got my new ID yesterday :D

Beau said...

Oops, that was me!

dadb said...

T & T, dad david here, I tried last night to send a comment, but your mother said I it did wrong, I'm just computer dumb....I guess! Anyway, should of's, could of's, or what ever they mean, means nothing as long as you do something, great opportunity for all to communicate, and I trust I and yo will enjoy it. love you both

Tracie/Token said...

Beau - Cool deal on the RecSports degree! Tourism is booming in this part of the world, too. Hey, you could come and intern with Navy MWR!! That would be so cool. You could probably use a lot of the skills you get with a Journalism degree in Tourism, too. I've been doing a lot of freelance writing in addition to my full-time jobs for travel mags and stuff.

Good deal on the new ID! I'm sure that's an awesome feeling and you've been looking forward to it for awhile. How's your first semester course load?

Tracie/Token said...

Hi Pa Br ;). Glad you figured out how to post. Come back and visit often! I'm going to try and update it every week. We'll see how that goes! See you in 30 days!!!!!

Ma & Pa BR said...

hey T dad b here, we had the weber labor day celebration yesterday, it was wonderful, with all of the great food, family discussions, and new cars, marvelous, simply marveleous, just a short time before the fun begins, love you bunches!!!!