Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Some pictures

Token thought we should put a couple pictures of our house on here. So, although it's butt-ugly, here you go. It's nothing fancy and keeps up safe during storms (which, thank God, we haven't had since we've been here).

We need to take a more recent picture. We have added mulch and some other plants. We're going to win that "Yard of the Quarter Award" darn it!

Just for the heck of it, here's a of the view outside of my office!! Can't beat that! The pool is so nasty... it's full of old gross rainwater. Disgusting.

And one last picture of a gorgeous sunset over the ocean. I may complain about being here, but you can't beat that view.


Anonymous said...

Wow - this is a really cool picture!

Tracie/Token said...

Thanks! Who are you???

Anonymous said...

Loved your pictures!!! Wish my view was that good!! You are so lucky having Token do all that housework (even if you can't sleep - have to admit 6:15 a.m. IS early). Love hearing all about your interesting weekends!

Loveya, Nancy

Anonymous said...

I love the sunset picture! I've added it to "My Pictures" so it will pop up every now and then on my desktop, along with the picture of you with the Cabbage Patch doll and another of you, Matt, and Michael playing in the sandbox. Of course, pictures of you and Token appear every now and then too. (Thanks, Jeremy, for setting my computer up like that!)
Grandma came over today with your mom and of course, our dial up connection out here in the boonies wouldn't go through! We wanted to show her your blog, but were not successful. Naturally, they left, I came back in to try again, and voila.... I got right on! Maybe next time!
Slip a sleeping pill into Token's drink on Friday night and maybe he'll sleep in a bit the next morning! Just kidding. But I do agree with Nancy about lucky to have Token help out. Danny just picks his feet up out of the way so I can vaccuum under them!
Keep the blog going. It's fun to read about what you two are up to! Have a good week. Love, Anne

Tracie/Token said...

Nancy - It is a pretty good view. I'm not complaining! I'm pretty darn lucky that Token does housework. Gotta love it!!

Anne - I hope Grandma can see the blog sometime! I wish she had a computer, that would make it so much easier!

See you in a couple days!!!!