Tuesday, September 12, 2006

And even more pictures...

Here's the last bunch. See you all in Indiana!!!!

Guam has hills!

This if Fort Soledad... it's from the Spanish era. Sorry, can't give ya much more info than that! Token read what it was all about, but I just took a picture.

Pretty flower!

More pictures

Cool old bridge from the Spanish era.

Chief Gadao... the strongest chief amongst the Chamorro people long, long ago.

Pretty ocean pics.


I haven't updated since, er..., August 22. Sorry about that! In all honesty, there's just not too much going on around here. Token was gone for a week and I didn't do anything fun worth mentioning.

We leave for Indiana on Thursday (YAY!!!!). I imagine I won't be posting while we are there, but we get back to Guam (BOO!!!!) on Oct. 1, so I'll post then. Until then, here are some pictures for your enjoyment. We took a siteseeing "road trip" (if you can call it that...) around the island this past weekend.

A Pugua Nut is a thing the locals chew here... it stains your teeth red an is addictive, kind of like nicotine. (Token doesn't really chew it - don't worry!)

With no makeup on and nasty hair, oh yeah, I'm definitely a "Guam Bomb." :)

Jeff's Pirates Cove is a little restaurant on the ocean... they have great Greek food. Yum!

Token inspecting the menu.

This is a little swimming hole in the southern part of the island. The current doesn't affect it, so it's a really popular place to swim.