Monday, October 23, 2006

Halloween Fun

We were feeling a bit crafty on Sunday, so we made a Halloween gingerbread house. It was a lot of fun, and it actually turned out really cute!! It was a collaborative project, but I can tell you that Token did all the windows and the doors, and I did the roof and the back of the house. Check it out!

My 25th Birthday!

I am officially a quarter of a century. Wow!

On Friday night, Token came home with some beautiful flowers...

... and that started a weekend of gifts and good times.

Saturday morning, we both had to be at an Oktoberfest celebration down on base - Token had to be a bartender and I had to cover the event for the newspaper. Token explored his German roots by enjoying a brat with saurkraut (ew!).

After the event, we made our way to the Westin hotel,

where we stayed the evening. Token booked me a spa appointment in the afternoon, and I enjoyed every minute of the pampering. It was really nice! After the spa appointment, some of my old co-workers came over to our room and we had some cake. We then headed over to TGIFriday's for dinner, where I was thoroughly embarrassed with the "Happy Birthday" assault from their "flair-wearing" employees. Good times. After dinner, we went over to another hotel on Guam for an 80's party. We didn't stay long because we felt too young to be there, so instead with to another spot, called Club Pash, in another hotel down the street. One of my old co-workers dropped us back at the hotel around 1 a.m.

Token was up early the next morning to see that Ohio State slaughtered our Indiana Hoosiers in football, and then we were on our way home to see Nikko, who still isn't over the humiliation of having to wear not only bat wings, but also a Halloween inspired bandana:

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mandi's Wedding

On the 22nd, one of my very good friends, Mandi, got married. She was my roommate in college for two years and was the Maid of Honor in my wedding. It was great to see her so happy and to catch up with some of my other college friends who made it out for the wedding.

This is totally blurry, but I kinda like it!

Three girls from Teter Rabb 3 - me, Liz, and Brette (who's the next to get hitched!)

Pretty cake (and good, too!)

Me and Token

Mandi and me


A visit to Indiana couldn't be complete without a little road trip up to Chicago to see Jeremy. Crystal, mom, and I piled in the car on Monday and headed up north for some shopping along the Magnificent Mile and outlet malls and to see my bro, of course!

Mmm... Giordano's Pizza. Sooooo good!!

Mom and me on Jer's balcony.

Pretty Chicago skyline

Jeremy took us out to dinner to a place called Key Wester. It was great!

Back in Guam...

What a wonderful, wonderful two week vacation we had in Indiana. I love it there so much and was pretty sad to leave. I know in my heart that it won't be long before we're there again, but I wish we could be there permanently now!!! We had a great visit with family and friends. Here are some highlights.

Colts vs. Texans
My mom was able to get five tickets to the Colts/Texans football game at the RCA Dome, so Token asked his mom and dad if they'd like to come watch the game with us. It was somewhat of a boring game, but oh well, we had a good time. It was Token's first NFL game, too!!!

Following the game, we went and got my dad and all went out to dinner together. It was nice - we haven't seen each other since our wedding over two years ago!