Monday, October 23, 2006

My 25th Birthday!

I am officially a quarter of a century. Wow!

On Friday night, Token came home with some beautiful flowers...

... and that started a weekend of gifts and good times.

Saturday morning, we both had to be at an Oktoberfest celebration down on base - Token had to be a bartender and I had to cover the event for the newspaper. Token explored his German roots by enjoying a brat with saurkraut (ew!).

After the event, we made our way to the Westin hotel,

where we stayed the evening. Token booked me a spa appointment in the afternoon, and I enjoyed every minute of the pampering. It was really nice! After the spa appointment, some of my old co-workers came over to our room and we had some cake. We then headed over to TGIFriday's for dinner, where I was thoroughly embarrassed with the "Happy Birthday" assault from their "flair-wearing" employees. Good times. After dinner, we went over to another hotel on Guam for an 80's party. We didn't stay long because we felt too young to be there, so instead with to another spot, called Club Pash, in another hotel down the street. One of my old co-workers dropped us back at the hotel around 1 a.m.

Token was up early the next morning to see that Ohio State slaughtered our Indiana Hoosiers in football, and then we were on our way home to see Nikko, who still isn't over the humiliation of having to wear not only bat wings, but also a Halloween inspired bandana:


Ma & Pa BR said...

Poor Nikko DOES look embarrassed! Tee Hee! But, he makes a cute bat!! I really like the story of your birthday. It sounds like you had a pretty good 25th birthday. Love you bunches,
Mom BR

Nancy said...

Yes, I'm glad you put Nikko at the end of the pictures!! What a LOOK!! Funny, funny! You guys really did a good job on that gingerbread house! Tracie, you must have inherited some of that crafty talent from your mother! Glad you had a super birthday. You are just living the life!!!

Lova ya, Nancy