Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hong Kong Part 6

We're still on Day 1?!? Sheesh! This is takin' longer than I thought it would.

Okay, so, to pass some time, we decided to get some grub and ended up at the lobby restaurant of the Intercontinental Hotel. I think I got a mozzarella salad and Token got a veggie burger (!?!?!). Oh, and a cosmopolitan and a glass of red wine, respectively.

After dinner, it was time for the show. We found ourselves a nice little spot and got ready.


And that is the end of Day 1. I'm going to have to do the rest tomorrow. Hope you've enjoyed the recap so far!

Hong Kong Part 5

After walking around the mall for a bit, we took the MTR back to our hotel and decided to go over to the Kowloon side to watch the fireworks (HK has a firework/laser light show every night - pretty cool!). While we were over on that side, we decided to check out one of the markets, called the Ladies Market.

It was, errrr...., interesting. We didn't last long because neither of us like being bumped and nudged, but we experienced it. That's all that matters, I suppose.

We decided to go and walk along the esplanade and scope out a good spot for the firework show, but since it was still early, we decided instead to cruise around the Kowloon side and take pics of Hong Kong Island.

Hong Kong Part 4

Up at the Peak is a mall which had a STARBUCKS!! Token was a happy camper:
After spending some time up at the Peak, we took the tram back down and walked back to the hotel to figure out what to do next. We decided to go into the Central part of HK and check out the Mid-Levels escalators... the longest escalator system in the world!! To get there, we had to take the MTR. Little did we know, we'd be MTR experts by the end of the trip. We joke that this vacation was the "mode of transportation" trip because we used: a plane, a train, a taxi, a boat, a Skyrail, and a bus to get around. In the MTR:

Lookin' like a big city dweller. Boy, did we have them fooled ;)

There were many quirky shops and stores along the escalator system, like this Pawn Shop:

There were also lots of shops selling Chinese goods. It was interesting to see all of the different things people were selling.

From the escalators, we bumped into a HUGE shopping mall. We walked around it for awhile and ate some lunch. While we were there, there were some Christmas carolers performing some songs. It was pretty cool.

Hong Kong Part 3

After walking through the park for awhile, we came upon the Peak Tram, which takes passengers up to the Peak Towers and overlooks the city. The tram tilts at a 45 degree angle in some spots and was quite an experience!

The ride is well worth it, though, once you see the view you get of HK Island and Kowloon.

It was kinda nasty to see the smog that we were going to be breathing in over the next four days, though. Day one continued after this...

Hong Kong Part 2

In order to get off on the right foot, we got a map from the front desk and set out to see the best of what Hong Kong had to offer. Right across from our hotel was Hong Kong Park, so we explored a bit in there before heading to the Peak Tram to go up to the Peak Towers, which overlook Hong Kong (I should explain that there's Hong Kong Island (which is where we stayed) and across the harbor is Kowloon. Both are easily accessible by subway (or MTR, as it's called there)).

In the park:

There were a lot of Christmas decorations in the park (and actually all around Hong Kong, for that matter):

There were also tons of apartment buildings all over the place:

Hong Kong Part 1

Friday, December 22

Token went into work half-day while I packed, worked out, did some cleaning, and played online. When he got home, it was a whirlwind of activity. We had to go to the bank (40 min. drive), I had a waxing appointment, and we had to stop by the store for cat food for Nikko, who we left at home while we were gone :( (I left our house key with a friend and she came and checked on him a few times, though).

Got to the airport at 5:30 p.m. and we were upgraded to First Class (cha-ching!). Nice. Loved it. The flight to Hong Kong from Guam is about five hours, so at about 10:30 p.m., we landed in the HK airport, which is the fifth largest airport in the world.

We had a driver pick us up and whisked us away to our hotel, the Island Shangri-La, which was, by far, the most upscale, high-class hotel either of us had ever been it. It was going to be a good four days. When we checked in, they upgraded us to a deluxe harbor view room (cha-ching #2 for the day!). We took a little tour around the hotel, checked out the workout room, the spa, and the restaurants, and called it a night.

Saturday, December 23

Got up fairly early (HK is two hours behind Guam) and went down to the restaurant (cafeTOO) for breakfast. OMG... it was the best breakfast buffet EVER!!!! It was included in our room, so we stuffed ourselves every morning so we weren't scouring HK for somewhere to eat during the day. We took some pictures of our room and of our view:

Our hotel was connected to the Conrad, and on the bottom there was a HUGE mall.

Our (messy!! eek!) room:

We knew our first day in Hong Kong had a lot in store for us, so we hit the ground running.