Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hong Kong Part 6

We're still on Day 1?!? Sheesh! This is takin' longer than I thought it would.

Okay, so, to pass some time, we decided to get some grub and ended up at the lobby restaurant of the Intercontinental Hotel. I think I got a mozzarella salad and Token got a veggie burger (!?!?!). Oh, and a cosmopolitan and a glass of red wine, respectively.

After dinner, it was time for the show. We found ourselves a nice little spot and got ready.


And that is the end of Day 1. I'm going to have to do the rest tomorrow. Hope you've enjoyed the recap so far!


Anonymous said...

Just playing around on the computer and thought I'd check in on you two. I didn't know you put some of your Hong Kong trip on here! When did you do that? They are pretty cool!! Love ya, Mom

Mom said...

Okay, did I do that post wrong? Let's see!