Friday, October 12, 2007

Bali Day 2

We got up early because we were so excited to see the landscape, the grounds of the hotel... everything!

Our package included daily breakfast for two at a restaurant called Padi, so we headed down to peruse the selection. Oh my gosh... this has to be the best breakfast "buffet" we've ever been to. Anything and everything you'd ever want was here. Yum!!!

We spent much of the morning and afternoon exploring the grounds. Beautiful. The attention to detail was amazing. We saw Ritz employees sweeping petals from walkways, grooming the MANY flowers and plants, and going about their daily thing. It was just amazing to me that they keep the hotel so immaculate. I don't know how many different species of plants and flowers they have there, but the upkeep is amazing. Plus, every single employee, from front desk, to grounds crew was quick to say "good morning/afternoon/evening" every single time you passed them. Customer service out the wazoo. Seriously.

We eventually settled down at one of the many pools and spent the afternoon reading and enjoying the sun. We agreed beforehand that this trip would be a relax and chill vacation, no a "go go go" that we are so used to. It was a nice change of pace.

However, we did have to venture into the main tourist area, Kuta, just once to check it out and to get Token's cousin a Hard Rock pin. Before we left, we had to exchange some money. The exchange rate is such that we because instant millionaires!

We took the hotel shuttle into the city and wandered around a bit. I expected it to be full on chaos, because before I came, I had read how there are many people trying to sell you things while you walk around. We experienced some "braid your hair?" "transport?" queries, but a "no, thanks" was all it took for them to leave us alone. Another thing about Bali, and I'm guessing Indonesia, as well, is their crazy transportation system. Since the price of gas is so dang expensive, Balinese mainly drive motorcycles around. We saw a family of five (mom, dad, baby, and two young boys) on a motorcycle that was actually more like a moped. Insane! We also saw a guy with probably 500 inflated balloons driving down the street. It was hilarious. I only wish I could have taken a picture of it!

After wandering around a bit in Kuta, we hailed a taxi and headed back to the hotel to prepare for dinner. We had dinner included in our package, and it was at the Italian restaurant Sami Sami. We freshened up, and headed down to dinner, only to be greeted with a personalized menu with our names on it, and a prime spot in the restaurant. The meal was ginormous and way more food than either of us could ever finish. We started with a tomato caprese salad, the second course was a vegetable soup, followed by a side of asparagus. My main course was a trio of pasta (gnocchi, a spaghetti dish, and some kind of pesto ziti), and Token had the red snapper, which he says was the best fish he's ever had. It's a shame that it was so much food... I really only had a couple bites of the soup and the asparagus, because I was just too stuffed.

After dinner (and after being serenaded by two guys singing Eric Clapton's Beautiful Tonight), we waddled back to our room, completely stuffed and satisfied.

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