Friday, October 12, 2007

Bali Day 3

We got up early and hit the gym. After completely gorging ourselves the night before, we needed a good sweat session to ward off not only the extra calories, but also the guilt!

Included in our package was a couples massage, so we took advantage of that in the morning. It was really nice and the spa at the Ritz-Carlton has won many, many awards. The massage was really nice, but as with all massages, they go way too fast.

After our pampering, we headed down to the saltwater pool to relax. The pool was actually an infinity pool, which meant that from certain angles, it looked like the pool and ocean were one. Pretty cool! Token had found this canopy thing that swung, so we decided to go lay on that for awhile. It was amazing... every time you went to the pool, they had employees there who would unroll towels for you and set up your chair. Complete luxury, I tell ya.

We actually spent pretty much the whole day down at the pool... pretty exciting, right?

After getting our tan on, we decided to hit the putt-putt course. It's an 18-hole "executive" course that we kinda just played around on. It was fun and we didn't take it seriously at all, so that was even more fun! Look at that form... amazing ;).

That night, we ate at Padi, a Thai restaurant. I had the green curry, Token had the pad thai. Though our dishes were both excellent, it was the dessert that truly was the showstopper. It was fried bananas, but not in the normal breadcrumbs... I had no clue what it was, but whatever it was was amazing. Along with the bananas, there was caramel and vanilla bean ice cream. Oh my gosh, rockin' party in your mouth. It's so hard to explain how good it was, but it's something I'll never forget. Later in the evening, Token had a business call, so I had booked a spa package. I had a massage and then a body scrub. It was really nice and relaxing. Day Two in Bali = success!

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