Friday, October 12, 2007

Bali Day 4

Another day waking up in paradise. I'll never get sick of that!

In the morning, we lounged around yet another pool for a couple hours. We then decided to order up a picnic lunch down at the Ritz's private beach - Kuba Beach.

The walk to the beach isn't for the faint of heart. It's about 195 steep steps down (and then up!) to get there, but it's oh-so worth it!

We had lunch (Mediterranean) delivered later in the afternoon, and enjoyed yummy potato salad, pita bread, and fruit salad. We spent a few hours down on the beach reading magazines, books, enjoying a fruity drink or two (or three!), and just relaxing in the sun.

We had decided that later we were going to go to the Uluwatu Temple and watch a traditional Balinese dance, so we prepped ourselves for the climb back up the hill, and got ready to go.

We got a taxi from the front desk of the hotel, and made the 45 minute trip to the temples. The drive was pretty cool. There was a lot to see, including gas stations that basically take glass bottles and fill them with petrol, set them out on the side of the road and allow people to buy them. Crazy! It's hard to explain the "real" Bali. The stores in the Jimbaran area (where our hotel was ), weren't really stores so much as they were little roadside stands. I saw a barber shop, what looked like a game place where kids were playing on some sort of video game system, a couple cafes, and what looked to be a gasoline convenience store. Completely different than anything I've ever seen, yet so hard to describe. I wish our driver had pulled over so I could take a couple pictures, but he didn't seem like the talking type, so I zipped my lips and enjoyed the ride.

Once we got to the temple, this guy, whom we both assumed worked at the temple, came up to us and guided us around. He got our admission tickets for us, some peanuts to feed the over 500 free roaming monkeys, and led us around really, really fast (seriously, I could barely keep up, darn me and my not-so-sensible shoes!). At the end of his "tour," he took us into this little deserted room off to the side of the main temple area and demanded some money. Token gave him 9,000 Rupiah, which is about $1 USD. That seriously is probably a pretty good tip, considering how different their money is compared to ours, but the guy thought it was cheap and said that it wasn't enough. Me, being the outspoken one that I can be at times, told him that we didn't appreciate this, we thought he worked at the temple and was just doing his job, and he should be ashamed of himself for taking advantage of two foreigners. He walked away gesturing madly with his hands. I think I ticked him off. Whatever. Anyway.... here are some pictures! :D

The only good thing about our "tour guide" was that he kept the monkeys from getting Token's glasses. We saw one guy who wasn't so lucky. The monkey grabbed his glasses from his face and threw them over the side of the cliff!!

After wandering around the temple for awhile, we headed to the traditional Balinese dance/show. There was a story to it, but I completely forget what it was about... something about a white monkey. The dancing was pretty cool, as were the costumes.

After the show, we found our driver and headed back to the hotel. I don't remember what we did that evening, but I'm sure it was fun. Ha!

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