Friday, October 12, 2007

Sydney, Australia Day 2

Happy Anniversary to us! Three years and going strong ;).

We got up, ate some breakfast, and then decided to go to the Taronga Zoo, which was just a short ferry ride away. Token found us some tickets and we were on our way. The ferry ride was actually pretty cool, as we were able to scout out all of the multi-million dollar homes (we even saw Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's home!).

We got to the zoo fairly early in the morning, which turned out to be a great thing, since it wasn't very crowded. We were able to see all of the animals at a leisurely pace, including the crazy hyper elephants who were going crazy in the pool. It was insane... we've never seen elephants playing like that before - they looked so happy. We saw all kinds of animals. See pics below.

After the zoo, we got back on the ferry and went for a little boat ride all along the harbour. It was so much fun. The weather was perfect, I was with the best man in the world, exploring life in another country, everything was fabulous. We eventually made it back to Darling Harbour, where we got off the boat and did a little walking, ate lunch at this place called Blackbird, and just enjoyed the day.

Later that afternoon, we walked down to Darling Harbour from our hotel (a few miles), to get ferry tickets to go out to the Acer Arena for the Keith Urban concert. What can I say? The concert was absolutely amazing. Hands down the best concert I've ever been to (Token says The Rolling Stones was his favorite), although our section didn't get up and dance. Boo on them :(. I had a great time, though! The ride over was a bit freaky... once we got off at our stop, we figured the arena was within short walking distance. Um, not so much. We had to walk about two miles in the dark, along a freeway (!!) before we got there. I was kinda freaking out, because there were no cars or people around and it was just all-around scary. Once we were about half-way there, another couple came walking up who were in the same situation as we were, so we walked together the rest of the way. After the concert, we decided to get a taxi to head back into the city. Awesome anniverary!!!

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