Friday, October 12, 2007

Sydney, Australia Day 3

After getting back to the hotel so late, we slept in a bit before hitting the streets. We eventually made our way down for breakfast (hey, it was included and we took full advantage of it!), and then decided to head out to Bondi Beach via the public bus.

It was pretty cool riding through all of these different neighborhoods and seeing Sydney. I really enjoyed the ride. Once we got there, we walked along the beach, people watched, and just hung out. We met this old man who was retired but now owns his own winery in the area. He gave us some suggestions on things to do while we were in town, places to eat, etc. It was nice!

After beachin' it, we headed back to the hotel to freshen up for dinner. We hit a little pub/bar first, and enjoyed a couple drinks before exploring the town a bit.

It was our last night (boo!), so we took full advantage of everything we still hadn't done, like going to the top of the lookout tower (the name of it escapes me right now), wandering the streets, and having our last french fries (which are SO much better than American fries).

The next day, our flight for Cairns left at 3:30 p.m., so we spent the morning wandering around looking at Sydney architecture, eating lunch, and picking up a few souvenirs for family and friends. We arrived in Cairns, and had about six hours until our flight left for Guam, so we hit the mall, the night shops (where Token bought a digeridoo (I completely butchered the spelling of that!)), and ate dinner at a great Italian place called Villa Romano. YUM! Before we knew it, we were boarding the plane to head back to Guam and life as we know it.

Until our next trip...

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