Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Weekend in Guam

It's about time I update this thing, isn't it?

First off, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas (or your respected holiday celebrations), and Happy New New to everyone! We had a great holiday. We left Guam for Indiana on December 13 and had a great visit with everyone. Token came back on the 26th, and I returned on Jan. 3. Hopefully 2008 will bring about great things for us, especially in the job market!!!!!

Moving on.

This past weekend was a busy, but fun, one! On Saturday, we signed up to go on this semi-submersible boat called the Nautilus. We got to the marina at 8:45 a.m., boarded the boat (as the ONLY English-speaking people!) and headed out to sea. After about 30 minutes of cruising, the boat stopped and we got to look at the action going on under the sea. Token was impressed. Ha!

(and yes, I sent this in to the newspaper. Love it!!!)

Once we were stopped and buoyed, we were given the option to snorkel. I wasn't feeling it, but Token hopped right in, after convincing the tour guide that he didn't need a life jacket.

Looks like no one else was as convincing as Token was, eh?

After snorkeling, we headed back in to shore, and were on our merry way.

Later that afternoon, we did a little run/bike around base. Token rode my new mountain bike (LOVE!) and I ran, and then we switched and he ran and I rode the bike home. It was fun! Later that evening, we went over to Token's boss's house for dinner. His wife grilled up some steak and chicken, roasted some potatoes, and made a yummy salad. We stuck around and chit-chatted for awhile, played some gin rummy, and then made our way across island and crashed in bed. Token forgot how much swimming zaps your energy, so he was pretty zonked.

Sunday was the typical church, grocery store, run, clean day. Not too exciting to write about!

Monday was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, so Token had the day off. One of my friends rode from the Air Force Base down to where we live and we went biking together. She kicked my butt. It was H.A.R.D. My legs are still sore. After that, Token and I watched some football (Go Giants, I guess?), and then made our way down to the Naval Base for the MLK Day basketball tournament. We only came to see the championship game, and it was pretty cool.
That's a Navy guy STUFFING a guy from the Guam National team. Ha!

After the tourney, we headed to Ruby Tuesday to meet some friends for dinner. Ruby Tuesday opened here in Guam about a month ago, and we actually had to WAIT to get a table. Now, in the states, this is completely is normal and expected, but in Guam, this is really abnormal. People didn't seem to know what to do. It was funny. We had actually arrived a little early, so the 30 minutes was no problem, but people were really getting worked up about having to actually wait for a table. The horror! Dinner was good. The salad bar was eh, just alright, but the company was great!

And that, dear readers, was our exciting weekend.

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Nancy said...

Well yeah for the update!!!! FINALLY! I don't why I even looked BUT I DID!! Glad you are having such a good time in Guam and getting to experience so many different things!! Be glad you're not here - it's way below freezing!!! Chill factor will be 10 - 15 below zero tomorrow!!! Yuck - enjoy the water!!!