Friday, June 13, 2008

The wedding that'll make history books

Rain. Thunder. Lightening. All things not associated with a wedding, but when my alarm went off on Saturday morning, that's what was happening outside and had been happening throughout the evening.
My dad had already gotten up and returned from the closest gas station for some coffee and told us that you couldn't turn left out of our neighborhood, as the creek had risen above it and had a nasty current running through it. Token took me to the hair salon where I was meeting Crystal, her mom, and some of the other bridesmaids, and it was a challenge finding a route that wasn't blocked my a policeman telling us the road was closed. It was hard, torrential rain and just didn't let up.
Around 10 a.m. or so, Crystal got word from Jeremy that he, along with two of his groomsmen, were stuck in his house and couldn't get out, as the water had risen too high for any car to get through. He said they were going to figure something out and not to worry. I think she was.
(and, yes, in case you were wondering, I felt extremely guilty taking these pictures, but they are a part of the story that is Jeremy and Crystal's wedding, so I had to capture the images)

Eventually, the guys ended up wading through waist deep water, Jeremy holding his tux and their dog, Howie. Someone met them at some road, and they went over to Crystal's maid of honor's house to get ready. Whew.

In the meantime, all of the girls had made it to the church, but my parents were having a tough time finding a way getting home from the reception area to put the final linens on the chairs. My mom called me in tears, said she had talked to Jeremy who was in tears, and basically said all roads were closed and it was really, really hard finding ways to drive around the city. We all tried to keep the severity of it away from Crystal, although I'm sure she knew something was up. She put on a brave face, though, and got her makeup done to complete the look.


As this was all going on, one of the girls got on her Blackberry and discovered that Johnson County was under a state of emergency and that the National Guard had been called in to help rescue people. Things were looking grim. Even worse was they were able to pull up a weather map and it showed nothing but rain on the radar. Ugh.

In the midst of all of this, the florist showed up with all of the beautiful flowers that looked just like Crystal envisioned. That florist might not know this, but he was a bright part of the so-far stressful day.

We set up the guest book, got the aisle runner out, and everything set up on the altar when my parents and Token came walking in. They had made it to the church, which was promising news because if they could make it, Jeremy could make it. Lo and behold, not even 30 minutes after, Jeremy and the rest of his groomsmen came through the door. The rain had also stopped, too, thank goodness. Now let's get this wedding going!!

Crystal's ringbearer looked so dapper and cute with his top hat.

Joy and Jenn were ready to go!

And so was my mom, who got a little touch-up. The flower girls were occupied by Erin and her super-kid skills.Crystal got into her dress, zipped up, and adorned with all of her gorgeous jewelry. It was about that time!

The wedding itself was short, but beautiful, especially when Crystal's cousins sang Come What May. The church was surprisingly full, too. Looks like people were able to navigate the flooded roads. My aunt and uncle were missing, though, and we found out that the street outside of their neighborhood was so flooded that there was a cow carcass floating down the road. Ew.
As Jer & Crystal exited the church, the guys threw those popper firework things onto the ground, which was a surprise for the newlyweds. I'm sure Erin Hession, their photographer, got some great shots of their reaction. And would you believe that by this time the sun was shining?

As everyone headed toward the reception site, Token, Don (groomsmen), Erin (bridesmaid), and myself made our way to the hotel Jeremy and Crystal would be staying in before departing for Playa del Carmen. We got a key and decorated the room with rose petals, champagne, and candles for them.

The reception was fun, and I'll let the pictures speak for just how fun it was.

Yes, that is Prince on the screen, and no, I am not drunk.

Congratulations, Jeremy and Crystal!!

Oh, and for the record, the amount of rainfall that fell on June 7, 2008 broke a record originally set in 1910. Amazing.

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