Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

While Token was knee-deep with 4th of July celebrations at Polaris Point in Guam, my family and I headed down to my aunt and uncle's house in the farmland and wide open spaces of Indiana. Despite the unseasonably cool temperature, we grilled out, played cornhole, ate homemade ice cream, and had a great time.

Gracie showing off her pitching arm.
Joshua in a rare somber mood. It didn't last long.

Makayla eating a popscicle. Cute as ever!

Charlie showing off her independence pride in an adorable little outfit.

What's summer without bubbles??

Where mud is, Loretta follows. Silly dog!

Good dog!Cornhole tournament! Dave showing off his perfect form.

...but Jeremy proved he's the master of all things sport.

Going through the covered bridge to get to the house.

Happy Birthday, America!


Skvaril's said...

How fun! Makes me the miss the good ol' midwest. Haven't heard from your hubby in awhile but we know that he has more than enough to keep him busy right now. Miss you but looks like you are keeping busy. Not too much longer till you'll be with your hubby again!

Anonymous said...

I really love the pictures! The one of the trees really caught my eye and then I realized that those were my trees in my yard!!!! You have such an "eye" for great pictures! Can you send me that one by e-mail when you get a chance? I'd love to make it into a larger pic and put it in a frame! Glad you have a good time while you were here. Miss you, Anne