Friday, August 08, 2008

House Hunters, International

Bion Giorno!

I can't believe we've been here almost a week. Crazy how time flies! This is going to be a boring post, because it doesn't have any pictures, but I haven't been able to upload any yet. My plan is to try and get some posted some time next week. So, stay tuned.

Mt. Etna is erupting, so a few nights ago, one of Token's co-workers took us to a little town to take some pictures of the lava. It was pretty cool. We couldn't get too close, but after the sun set, you could definitely see the red lava flowing. We also stopped and had our first authentic Italian pizza. Yum...

We've been house hunting, too, and I think we found a place. It's a three-story townhouse, and is directly connected to one of Token's co-workers. It's very nice and is in a town about 25 miles or so from base, called Achireale. Hopefully everything works out. I'll try and take some pictures of it, too.

Nikko seems to be adjusting well. He's been hanging out under the covers on our bed, but did come out and play for a bit last night. Yay! He's still too skinny, so I'm trying to fatten him up with double the dose of treats. He lost a lot of weight from being stressed out. Poor guy.

What else...? It's really hot here. There's not as much humidity as there was in Guam, but it's still pretty sweltering. I think it reached 100 yesterday. Ick.

Not much else to report on right now. Once I get some pictures uploaded to my laptop, and then transferred over to my thumb drive to bring in to the library, I'll post them. I don't have much right now, though. Sorry!


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Skvaril's said...

YAY! You made it safe and sound. Can't wait to see pictures of your new home and of all things that are Sicily. Give poor little skinny Nikko a treat for us and let us know when we can visit. :)