Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ICR Trip to Catania

The first two weeks we've been in Sicily, we have had to attend Indoctrination and Intercultural Relations classses. The big finale from class is a trip into the second largest city in Sicily - Catania.

But before we got into the city, we stopped at a lido, which is Italian for "private beach." To go to a lido, you pay some Euro (the one we went to was 3.50) and get a little slip of paper with a number on it that assigns you to one of the beach chairs on the sand. Basically, you are paying for a protected spot on the beach. Then, throughout the day, they have games and stuff for the kids to do, or just a place to sit and relax and enjoy the sun.

That building behind Token on the left is an ice skating rink!! Fun!

Some people who go to the lidos frequently rent out little barns to store their stuff for the summer, so they aren't lugging all of their beach gear all the time. Our tour guide said that the storage costs about 1000 Euro for June-September. Keeping in mind that 1 Euro is $1.49 dollars, it's pretty expensive!

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