Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our Home Away From Home

Until we finalize the place we'll be living, we are staying in a temporary place: the "Magnolia Club Residence." It's a nice place, with two-bedrooms, aforementioned teeny showers, a kitchen, and living room. It has SKY TV, so we get over 100 TV stations, but probably only 10-15 that are in English. We've been watching a LOT of The Simpsons and Friends. ;)

The pool at the place is aaaaahhhh-mazing. It's really crowded on the weekends, and is said to be the best in the little town we are staying (Motta di Sana Anastacia), so people come in hoards to swim and hang out.

This is overlooking the city of Motta. Motta is about eight to 10 minutes away from base, so a lot of Americans live there. Unfortunately, the local people also know that a lot of Americans live there, so it's a little sketchy with regard to security...

This is our kitchen and living room. It'll work for now...

Here's the teensy weensy bathroom (pay no attention to my laptop charging on the toilet - ha!). Oh, and that funny little thing that looks like a toilet that's missing it's lid? It's a bidet. We haven't used it.

This is our rental car until we find something else. It's a Nissan, is very loud, and, going with the theme of Italy so far, is very small. You can't really get the full grasp of how little it is, but trust me, it's little. We have the driver's seat pushed back to as far as it'll go, and my legs are still pretty bent. Token says that when he drives it feels like his shin is flexed the whole time. Fun fun! Another thing, the horn is perfect for the car. It's this little "squeek! squeek!" and just fits the car perfectly (sidenote: using the horn here is VERY common and actually expected. You honk the horn at a car to tell it to "wait," you honk when going around a corner so that if another car is coming from the other side, they know you're there, etc.)

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