Monday, August 25, 2008

Taromina Bound! Part One

This weekend, we met up with Token's co-worker, John, and his wife, Patrizia, and drove up to the city of Taromina. Taromina is known as the Sicilian Riviera and sits high on top of a bluff that overlooks the Ionian Sea. It's a big time resort destination and is usually really busy around this time of the year, but we lucked out and the crowds weren't too bad. To get up to the town, we parked in a parking garage and then took a free shuttle bus up the mountain. Token's a nerd, as you can see here. Haha!

We ate gelato, walked around, and shopped. It was fun!
Because it's a resort town, there are a lot of people around in swimsuits, which is why there are signs like this all over the place:
These pottery pieces are really popular here, too. You stick a candle underneath them, and they are really cool.

Token being a dork, again. ;)

Us! Haha!

Oh, boy. Here's just a random shot of what trends are popular here. Guys wearing purple shirts and tight white pants. Lovely! Usually they are wearing pink or red pants, but not today!

All over the town, there are artists painting, drawing, and selling their work. Whenever we go back, we may have to snag some of this lady's stuff. It was good!!

Random prettiness:

Me enjoying my cherry gelato. Mmm...

Yours truly, again.

We don't know what this is, but it's the Kiss Burger. Interesting.

The apartments around the area have all of these flowers and plants. Very cool!!

Next up - Greek Theatre

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