Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Caltagirone is a town about 45 minutes away from where we are staying. It's known for its ceramics, and we definitely helped bump this small town's economy during our three-hour visit!!

Here we are, walking on one of the small streets leading into the town...

My interestedinallthingsmuseum husband had read that there was a "ceramics through the years" museum (yawn... haha!), and was on a quest to find it. After walking up and down these little Italian streets, we found it, only to discover it was closed. Bummer?? ;)

Strike a pose! :p

Other than ceramics, the city is known for its staircase. There are 146 steps and each has a different painted ceramic tile on it. Me at the top!


Mom said...

Geez Tracie,
Sounds like you guys had another pretty adventerous weekend! The temples are pretty cool and I love your cute descriptions! Maybe Token will have the Temple Tracie done by the time we come visit! TeeHee! Love the ceramic steps too. Good picture taking!! Love you!!

Erin Hession said...

Great photos Tracie!! :) Loved the staircase perspective shots, very cool stuff. :D

Anonymous said...

Love your wonderful pixs!! I also really like the mosaic tiles on the staircases!! Looks like your having fun!!