Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Pickin' Plums

This past Sunday, we went up on to Mt. Etna with one of Token's co-workers, Tommaso, to pick some plums on his family's farm. Tommaso is the Italian liasion for MWR and is also the guy who tracked down our luggage, so we're both big fans.

I think we'll be regular for awhile. :p

Token with his co-worker's daughter, Raquele. She's adorable and a tough quality inspector. It seemed like every plum Token was picking was 'malo,' which means it was bad!

This is Manfredi, who is Raquele's sister and super cute.

This is Token's boss, Bob, with Raquele.

This is Bob's wife, Rita, who's Italian and an awesome cook. She's pretty cool, too!
Mmmm... plums. Can anyone tell me what I can do with >50 plums? Tommaso wouldn't let us leave with anything less than that and I think eating five or more plums a day may be detrimental to ones digestive track...

The guys lugging the plums up to the truck. We (errr.... they... I was too busy playing paparazzi)picked a TON!!!
After working up an appetite, we headed to a restaurant for lunch. Lunch here is the biggest meal of the day and this was no exception. Our lunch lasted over three hours!!
This was the antipasti... mushrooms (that I didn't eat), some kind of lasagna thing with ham (that I didn't eat), two grilled eggplant (of which I ate one), some cheese (that was really strong, and therefore, I didn't eat), some weird looking vegetable things (that I didn't eat), and zucchini (that I ate!!!).

This was our pasti primo, which I think is first pasta course. I ate all of it. It was delish.

While the others feasted on Mary's best friend (her lamb), I opted for the vegetarian option. I don't mean to be a downer, and the food here so far has been exceptionally tasty, but this stuff was disgusting. It was some more of that icky cheese (I gave some away to Bob, which is why it's missing from my plate), and this weird COLD potato, onion thing. I felt bad, but ew.

Dessert, or dolce, was really good, though. Not sure what it was, but I know I liked it.

Bob ordered Token some kind of after lunch digestive. It was some kind of liquor, and I think Token's face shows what he thought of it... ha!!


Mom said...

Love Token's face drinking his drink!! TeeHee!!! Uh - over 50 plums?!? Sorry, no ideas here. Maybe Chef Token can come up with something. Those kids are so cute! Love ya!!

A. said...


Sicilian food is the best in the WORLD. Eat your veggies! Tee hee. :-P

Cute blog!