Thursday, September 18, 2008

Working 9 to 5... err... 8 to 4... :p

Yep, I got a job! Yay!? Haha, just kidding. I am now the editor of the base newspaper, The Signature. It's kinda a big job and I'm a bit intimidated, but I'm sure once I get some training, it'll be smooth sailing. I'm so lucky to have found a job in my field. No bagging groceries for me!!

What else? Oh! We signed on a house. It's adorable. I LOVE it. We move in next week. I'll take some pictures and post 'em when I get a chance. There's plenty of room for visitors, so we expect people to come across the pond and see us!!!

Sorry this is kind of a boring post. I'm swamped with the newspaper right now. Once I get a schedule and some sort of a routine, I'll be back to regular picture posting.



Erin Hession said...

Congrats on the new job!! :)

Mom said...

Woo-Woo on both counts!! Heck - I didn't know you were the EDITOR! Good for You!!! Glad to see that college ed. paying off! TeeHee!! I can't wait to see pics of the cute house! I hope you found a car. Love you bunches

Anne said...

Congratulations on the job! Now I know an editor! Wish you could come and edit our little local paper. It's pretty bad! I'm sure you'll be great!