Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Italian Washing 101

We finally got our washing machine working, and, well, it's confusing. You'd think washing machines would be similar country to country, right? Nope. Let me show you what we had to deal with.

Some are pretty self-explanatory... like 'normale,' I can figure that one out. But Risciacqui? Help???

I pulled out our handy dandy Italian-English dictionary and got to work translating the washing machine. :p
Now you all know that Risciacqui means 'to rinse'! Don't ya feel smart?

Yeah, I sure felt smart sitting in front of the washer with a dictionary in hand, deciphering the words. High up there on the smart meter.

But hey, it works!

Oh, and FYI, Italian washing machines are TEENY!!!! What's up with Italians and their tiny things? Their cars, their showers, their washers. Doesn't make sense to me - they aren't any smaller than Americans! We did laundry ALL DAY on Saturday and Sunday. I think we estimated 11 loads in all. There was ONE load of socks and, err.... undergarments, because that's all that would fit!!! So, when you come to visit, you're doing your own stinkin' laundry. :p


Nancy said...

Cute!! Glad you have that dictionary! Your house and the view look so cool! Sounds like you guys are getting settled in now. Post some more of your newspaper too! Very Interesting!!

Mom said...

Thanks for the laughs! You make my day!

Anne said...

How funny! I'm sure it was not at the time. Maybe a little frustrating, huh!

Kim said...

What a thing to look forward to when you finally got it figured out...11 loads of laundry. Ick!! Your house looks really neat and with a great view.

michelle of bleeding espresso said...

Hey we have the same dictionary! And yes, the laundry is definitely an adventure here...best of luck :)

dadone said...

Thanks t & T, they wear clothes in Italy dont'they? Maybe SMALL ones

Tammie said...

I love these pictures. Love them! Every time I read this post and look at these pictures I have a good laugh. Hey, at least a little spice has been added to your laundry routine. Maybe it's not so boring! LOL