Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Zafferana Festival

We went to a festival last weekend in the town of Zafferana, which is located way up in the mountains. It was pretty dreary and cloudy all day, but we still had lots of fun!

There were lots of sweet Sicilian treats.

These guys made me a yummy banana Nutella crepe. YUM!!!!


Fun with cheese!

Making honey.

Funghi (mushroom in Italian. Mmm... (blech!))
There were a lot of local artists showing off their craft. This guy made the most intricate wood carvings. Very cool!

This guy is hammering a mushroom statue out of lava rock.

Token's always the willing model.

He also tried the local food... here he is ordering a... wait for it... HORSEMEAT sandwich. Poor Mr. Ed. :(

Yeah, he feels no remorse.


Anonymous said...

good pictures and commentary,ove you, dadone

Your Brother said...

Well was it a good sandwich? Maybe I'll just have to have one of my own when we come!

Nancy G said...

Nice CHEESE!!! yUM!

Anne said...

It all looked great until you got to the horsemeat sandwich! Yuck! Makes me think of the horses across the road from me.

Kim said...

I think you made a wise choice in selecting the banana crepe over the horsemeat sandwich!