Monday, November 10, 2008

I don't have any photos to upload and post, so how about a funny story?

Our Sky TV hadn't been working for two days (something was wrong with the satellite - I translated the error message with that handy Italian dictionary!), so Token went down to the store and set up an appointment for a technician to come and look at it. He made the appointment for last Friday, but had to be at something for work, so I was going to be home to meet the guy. The guy shows up, typical repairman just like in the states, if not a little better dressed. Does some tinkering around with the cable box and then decides that he needs to look at the satellite, which is up on the roof. Works up there for awhile, and tells me in broken English that some light thing is burnt out. Okay. He has a new one, so he replaces it. Comes back downstairs, plays around with the cable box again, sets our primary language to English (thank goodness!), combines our three remotes to work as one, does a few other things that we just didn't know how to do and gets ready to leave.

Awkward moment #1. The people at the Sky office told Token it would be 35 euro, and that's all I had. I had some dollars, and some change in euro, but that's it. Imagine my surprise when he tells me it's 45 euro. Eek! I asked him if he took a check (again, with the dictionary. I looked like an idiot!). Niente (no). How about some euro, some dollar? Niente. CRAP! So what do I do, I count out 10 euro in 20 cent increments and that's what he gets. THANK GOODNESS for our little change collector thing. I'd be screwed!

Awkward moment #2. Alright, homeboy is paid and packing up his stuff to take to his truck when he kinda holds out his hand for a handshake, but also kind of leans forward at the same time. In Italy, they do the kiss-kiss thing on each cheek, so I assumed that's what he was going in for. I freaking KISSED THE TECHNICIAN!!! He was so surprised and taken aback. HAHA! I am such a loser. Looking back, I realize he was leaning forward because he had a heavy bag on his arm and the weight caused him to shift. How embarrassing!


The Engler Pirtles said...

Hi Tracie! I didn't know you were a Blogger. :) Glad to add you to my pages to watch.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, you little flirt!!! Bet he went back and told EVERYONE about what happened!! FUNNY!!

dadone said...

A real good visual of the visit. Watch out for a follow-up visit, dadone