Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's raining, it's pouring....

It has been raining nonstop for two days here. A little insane! I imagine that when it finally clears up, there will be a nice layer of powder on Mt. Etna. Don't you worry - I'll have my camera handy to get some pictures!

Where did we leave off? Nude men statues! Hm... how am I going to top that today? It'll be tough, but I'm willing to at least try, although I already know I'm going to fail.

And so it goes.

Here's a cool picture from one of the bridges that goes across the river Arno.

Yours truly on the bridge.

An artist drawing in chalk. So cool. I dropped him a euro or two. Too bad it rained the next day. I wonder how upsetting that was for him?

More coming in the next post!

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dadone said...

Simply marvelous! Love dadone