Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!

Later today, Token and I are going up on Mt. Etna with some friends to build a snowman family. After that, we're going back to a friend's house for dinner. We've been tasked with bringing sangria. I think we have a good recipe for White Sangria from my mother-in-law, so we're going to make that. Good times.

Tomorrow, we'll open presents in the morning, and our neighbors invited us over for Christmas lunch in the afternoon. They are having a Mexican food-themed Christmas. Should be interesting eating beans and rice on Christmas Day! :p

On the 26th, we are going to a winery up on Mt. Etna with some friends. We rented a van, so no one has to worry about not sampling the wine. Yay!

I volunteered to have my office Christmas party at our house this year, so everyone is coming over on the 27th. We're having steak, chicken, Token's beans and mashed potatoes (or cheesy potatoes, I'm not sure which just yet), broccoli/cheese casserole, rolls, green onion popovers (a new recipe I'm trying out), Heath bar cheesecake and peppermint cookies (another new recipe I'm trying out).

I think on the 28th we'll be sleeping in.

If you didn't get our Christmas card in the mail yet, here's what it looks like. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to save it directly from Shutterfly, so I had to finagle a way to get it on here. I had it saved as a Word doc, then converted it to a PDF, and then opened it in Photoshop and saved it as a jpeg. Whew! Hopefully you'll get it soon!!!

With love,


dadone said...

Sounds like a whirlwind of a holiday, be safe and no need to say "have fun," love dadone and Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeremy said...

Merry Christmas... we'll miss you guys, but sounds like you are in for a good few days!

Mom BR said...

Merry Christmas Tracie and Token! We'll miss you guys on Christmas Day. Sounds like you are in for some fun days ahead! Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a GREAT Christmas (sounds like you probably did!!). Michael did eat some rolls for you and even took extras back home with him. Your presents to Grandma were really a hit - so pretty!! Happy New Year!!

geez, I can't ever remember my password!!