Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Seeing the Sites of Florence

Our first day in Florence, our tour guide took us up to the top of a hill that overlooks the city.

There just so happened to be a bunch of farmers on strike on this day, but other than getting in the way of some great photos, they didn't really disrupt our day too badly. Like this. The entire parking lot was FULL of John Deere tractors. Our guide said that farmers from hours and hours away drove their tractors here just to park and protest. A replica statue of David and a John Deere tractor- art AND country together in harmony.

Speaking of the replica David... they have them all over the place! I think we saw five "fakes" before we saw the real thing. They are quite proud of that nekkid man. :p

After coming down from the hill, we walked along the River Arno, which is fairly famous and goes about halfway through the country.

Token took the opportunity to call his mom and dad in Guam to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving.
Along the river, there were a lot of light poles, which were very different...
After wandering along the river, we met up with a local tour guide who gave us these Secret Service type ear pieces to wear for a walking tour of the city. This was the first place we saw. It's the Santa Croce church, and the outside of it used to be used for executions!
I really liked the front door. Very ornate and detailed.
There was also a really cool statue on the outside. I couldn't get a good picture of his face, but he was a bit scary looking! Like there needed to be red laser beaming out from his eyes.
The pesky protesters strike again! They cleverly blew up a bunch of balloons right in front of the church.

I just like this picture.

And finally for today, this beautiful creature is the (butt of a) Florentine cow. And it is enormous. Freaky big. And Token ate some of one for dinner the last night we were in Florence. Poor little gentle giant. Token maintains that it is one of the best steaks he's ever had. That's saying something, folks. (I know this is a horrible picture, but I didn't want to get too close, and this is the only angle I had. Sorry!)


dadone said...

Hi, BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!Love you,dadone

Gil said...

Looking at your beautiful pictures makes me wish that my wife and I were back in Florence. We especially like the Santa Croce area.