Monday, December 29, 2008

Snowman Building on Mt. Etna

We went up onto Mt. Etna with some friends on Christmas Eve to build a snowman. There wasn't too much snow, but just enough to build a busty, voluptuous snow-woman, complete with potato ears and a ginger bow.

Snowball fights ensued, snow was dyed yellow (by two dogs... don't get the wrong idea!), and a good time was had by all!

Token, master snowman maker.

The group, minus one photographer:

After playing around in the snow, we found a little cafe, got some hot chocolate, and then went to Token's co-worker's house to play Wii Fit and dominoes. I am proud to say that I topped the hula-hoop record on the Wii Fit and Token got second place in dominoes, and he'd only played once before. I'm not sure if we'll be invited over again.... :p

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dadone said...

Nice snowman...... errr woman!!! Looks like alot of fun, love dadone