Wednesday, January 07, 2009


This is the town that's about a two-minute drive from our house. We explored it on foot last Friday. It's the main town right before people head up to Mt. Etna, and is like a little ski town. I love it there!

There's even a volcano museum, so Token was as happy as a pig in mud.


It was actually pretty cool... they had a 360-degree view of Mt. Etna and all the towns around it.

And a cool little walk-through museum.

There are also lots of churches... I think about five or six, and the town is teeny!

There are also lots of parks and places for people to hang out. The benches in this park are usually occupied by old Italian men. Makes ya wonder where the old Italian women are, right? Our guess is they are slaving over laundry or making pasta from scratch for dinner.

There's also an ice skating rink, but since the Italians skate like they drive, I doubt we'll be showing off our best Kristi Yamaguchi impersonation.

It's in Nicolosi where I've had the best meal since we've lived here. On a whim, I ordered something that I couldn't translate. The only word I could figure out was "pistacchio," which I knew was gonna be good. I'm lucky it didn't have chicken liver or something. Turned out it was some kinda of pistachio pasta with a creamy (read: artery-clogging) sauce. Oh my gosh. It was absolutely fantastic. We'll be back, and when we have visitors we'll take them there.

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