Thursday, January 15, 2009

Not much going on around here lately. Sorry to be so boring!!

We finally got our hot water back - after almost a week without it. I'm so happy! I was getting so sick of driving down to base to shower. Also, because we had no hot water, we also had no heat because we get the heat through radiators. Oh my gosh. Our house was FAAA-REEZING!!!! We have two stand-alone units - one in the bedroom and one in the main living room - but they didn't give off that much heat. Poor Nikko spent all day on our bed, right in the path of what little heat there was. Poor buddy. :(

So, not loving Sicily so much this week. And while I'm on that topic, here's another thing I don't like about Sicily. The people here don't give a crap about littering. They throw trash out their car windows... like BAGS of trash. It's sick. Here's a view:

And, honestly, this is GOOD. While yes, there's trash all over the place, it's somewhat close to the dumpster. Like, maybe they actually *tried* to get the trash in it. There are parts that we drive through everyday where trash lines the street. Countless times I have been driving behind someone and they just launch a bag of trash out of their window. It's pretty shocking, actually! They need an ad campaign similar to the one we had in the states with the Indian with a tear running down his face. They need to do something, because it's NA-STY!


dadone said...

YOU GO GIRL!!!!!! sorry about the heat, it is minus 4 degrees here and getting colder, if that is any help, love dadone

Jer said...

-33 in Lafayette this morning... and since the Italians never kicked out Indians I doubt they give a rats a$$ about it, maybe they could get the mob on the problem crush some skulls or something?

Anonymous said...

I agree, that is NASTY! You know the little creek down the road from me? Well, not too long ago someone dumped a blue recliner, a lamp, a mattress, and some books over the side of the bridge! I'd love to catch the people who did it. Some people have no respect for the land, each other, or even themselves. Well, now I'm on the rampage, so I'd better quit. Maybe you should submit your pictures to the local paper to get someone thinking about cleaning up around there. Good luck changing the people of Sicily! -Anne

Tammie said...

Ok, this is weird too. So do people not have trash cans? I don't get it.