Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Vatican

I'm on a roll this week!

On Saturday morning, Token made us a reservation with a tour group to go trolley about Vatican City.

Fun facts about the Vatican:

  • The Swiss Guard officially guard the Vatican and the Pope. The uniforms that they wear are very intricate and were believed to be designed by Michelangelo. There are 110 soldiers and 6 officers in the unit and they are intimidating.
  • The Vatican is its own sovereign state since 1929.
  • The Pope holds all legislative, judicial, and executive powers. Basically, he's the Man!
  • The Vatican' s total land mass is 0.17, which makes it the smallest country in the world.
  • The Vatican has its own telephone service, post office, and newspaper
Alright, enough of that, here are some pictures.

See those blacked out windows? The second set from the top? That's the Pope's office. Guess he doesn't like sunlight... :p He wasn't in town when we visited.

The front of St. Peter's Basilica.

The front of the Basilica. They had chairs set out for the sermon on Sunday, even though the Pope was in Africa at the time.

Inside the Basilica.

Pretty ceiling! I think I want Token to do something like that in our house. It could be done, right?

I think this might be one of my all-time favorite pictures I've ever taken.

We also went to the grotto that holds all of the remains of the past popes through the ages. The grave for Pope John Paul II had a ton of flowers, incense burning, and a lot of people gathered around it to pray.

A tip if you're planning a visit to the Vatican. Go early, book a tour (you get in faster), and have fun!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Baby B's first picture

We had our first appointment with the doctor this morning! He couldn't get a good picture of Baby B, so I am scheduled for an appointment with Radiology in two weeks. We saw the heartbeat, and the doctor said it was 'at least 120 beats, which is normal' so that's good. Token had a better viewpoint than me, and said that the heart was fluttering a bunch and he could see all four chambers of the heart. Pretty cool! I don't know, in my mind, I figured we'd see the baby bouncing all over the place, kinda like a ping pong ball, but it wasn't like that at all - it just kinda laid there. The doctor said he saw it moving, so I guess that's good enough for me!

Believe it or not, in this picture is a baby. Anyone a pro at ultrasounds and can tell me what's what? I'm at a loss.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Maratona di Roma!

Ahhh, the ultimate test of countless hours of training pounding the pavement mile after mile. The marathon. It's said that less than 1% of the world's population competes in and finishes the 26.2 miles that make up a marathon. And you can now add Token Dee to that very prestigious list.

He took on the Rome marathon, a route that took him all over Rome, passing by historical sites like Trevi Fountain and the Roman Forum, the Vatican, and other famous monuments. If any of you know Token, you know he likes his history. So this was the perfect place for him to put the pedal to the medal (or in this case, the rubber to the cobblestone) and hit the road running.

But, before the race, there were preparations. There was standing in long port-a-john lines, which reeked of ickiness too gross to describe here (so much so that the guy to the left of Token wore a full on Haz Mat suit to protect himself from the grossness)...

...posing for pictures for overzealous fans...

... and smelling, touching and rubbing up against a bunch of strangers at the starting line.

But there was also this:

... running past the historic and breathtaking Colosseum...

... making friends with thousands of other crazies... I mean, running fanatics... :p

... your wife cheering you on (and getting choked up) while you cross the finish line... (Just press play, and watch until the very end. Token crosses and then is like, "now what?" It's funny.)

... taking a bite out of your golden official Roma maratona medal...

... and rewarding yourself with some much deserved Hard Rock Cafe food.

I'm so proud of you!! I love you, Token!!

(oh, and his official time was 4:51. Awesome!!!!!)

Friday, March 20, 2009

I promise this blog is not going to turn into an all-pregnancy, all the time thing, and not even an all-baby all the time thing, but I have nothing else to talk about right now, so that's what you're gonna get. Until we get back from Rome next week, that is!!

Here's a funny little doodad from a funny blog called I was 10 weeks along yesterday.

Your Baby:
  • Will officially be considered a fetus by the end of this week. (no more Ziggy!!!)
  • Is over an inch long, maybe by as much as 3/4 of ANOTHER WHOLE INCH. That's almost TWO INCHES.
  • That's about the size of a...hmm...*glances frantically around room*...okay, it's slightly bigger than a really big coat button, but not quite as long as a AA battery. There.
  • Has a heartbeat strong enough to be heard via a Doppler. (sidenote: I bought a Doppler on Ebay yesterday. It'll help calm my worrywart mind.)
  • Most congenital conditions appear before the end of week 10, meaning the most delicate and critical development period is over. You can breathe a sigh of relief over that, but...uh, I wouldn't go celebrate the milestone with a bathtub of gin, or anything.


  • Might be starting to feel just the teensiest bit better, symptom-wise. Morning sickness "typically" peaks around week nine, but you have my permission to tell me to shove that "typical" business up my ass. (another sidenote: I never got sick. There were maybe two days that I felt like I was rocking on a boat out in sea, but nothing too bad. Yay!)
  • Just like I just flipped the double bird at my copy of Your Pregnancy Week by Week for telling me that I don't need maternity clothes yet. Look, my bump may be 75% methane gas at this point, but that doesn't mean my gasbaby should be made to suffer constricting waistbands.
  • New bras might be a good idea, as I recently discovered after seeing a photo of myself taken by someone else and oh look! Armpit boobs! (sorry men)

  • And I'm off to where the Romans roam! Token's running the marathon on Sunday... wish him luck! Ciao ciao!

    Thursday, March 12, 2009

    9 weeks pregnant today!

    Here are the milestones little Baby B is making this week:

    Your Baby

    Big news! You may be able to hear the heartbeat this week with the help of a Doppler, an ultrasound device that captures the chug-a-chug sound of baby's heart. The first time you hear baby's heart, your own heart may skip a beat—it's the first real evidence that there's someone growing inside you! If you can't hear the heartbeat, no worries, your doc will just check again in a few weeks. Other amazing developments this week:

    Baby is beginning to move, but you won't be able to feel anything for some time.

    Baby is growing nipples and hair follicles (although there's still a chance you'll be giving birth to a baldy!) His pancreas, gallbladder, bile ducts and anus are all in place, ready to poop and pee a dozen times a day when he's born. Your baby's head is half the size of his body and his little chin is tucked into his chest. His tiny tail is beginning to shrink away, giving Junior a more human and less amphibious look.

    Until now, all pre-babies look the same "down there." This week, however, your baby will begin to develop either male or female genitalia. In layman terms, your baby is beginning to develop her hoo-ha or his wee-wee. While you won't be able to find out the gender of your baby for several more weeks, the version you'll give birth to is being developed right now.

    At this stage, your developing fetus is 1-inch in length, about the size of a martini olive (you remember martinis, don't you?) and weighs a mere 2 grams—a little less than a penny.

    My thoughts:
    1.) "His tiny tail is beginning to shrink away" - ACK!!! That for some reason My baby has a TAIL?!?! Ew!!!!!

    2.) Hmm... I wonder if he/she is morphing into a boy or girl? Time will tell. (and we WILL find out! There are clothes to be bought, people!).

    3.) Aw, little Baby B is the size of an olive! How cute. Oh, and by the way, Token has been referring to it as Ziggy because I told him when we first found out that it was technically called a zygote until week 12 or something, and then it's called a fetus. I think I might have to change that nickname... I don't know, I just don't like Ziggy. I think Baby B works. Boring, yes, but cuter than, say Baby A... Baby B just flows better.

    Tracie. Out.

    Wednesday, March 11, 2009


    I'm a little behind in the blogging, but the truth is, I have nothing exciting to write about! Token's in Germany this week and I have had my share of adventures:

    1. Got home on Tuesday and found a note on the front gate that said something along the lines of "the gas might be momentarily out at 1:30 p.m." (thanks to the Italian dictionary, I was about to translate it.) Alright, well it was now 5:30 p.m., so I thought it would be good. Um.. nope. I went to heat up some water to make some rice and the gas went out. I tried to mess with the valves outside and couldn't figure it out. Called Token in a panic and he couldn't really help me that much, so he called our landlord who said he'd have his wife come out on Wednesday. So, I had one night of no heat, and a freezing cold shower on Wednesday morning. Oh my gosh, it was brutal. Landlord came over last night, did some finagling with the valves and got it to work. Go women!! I enjoyed an extra long hot shower this morning.

    2. When Token was at the Sugarland concert on Saturday night (which actually turned into a meet & greet because Jennifer Nettles lost her voice and couldn't perform), I went to dinner with some friends. One of said friends was feeling a little sick; his cheeks were flushed, sore throat, cough, general achy bad feeling. Since Token had my car, my friend and his wife picked me up, so I was exposed to his germs. Well, I am not immune to rubella. I knew this five years ago when we got married, and I mentioned it to the nurse and she told me that rubella is all but gone and the chances of getting it are slim and they'll just mark it in my chart and give me a shot after I give birth. However, if you are exposed to it in the first trimester, your baby could have all sort of health problems. So, being the hypocondriac that I am, I got to thinking about my friend and his illness on Monday when I woke up with a raging sore throat and realized that a rash on your face is one of the classic symptoms of rubella. I freaked out. Called the nurse at the hospital, emailed my friend to see if he was immunized, etc. Thankfully he got back to me really fast and said that he received his MMR before he and his wife went to Africa some time ago. Still... stress I could do without! Poor Token, though. The Lt. of the hospital must have Token's cell phone as my point of contact, so he got a phone call from the Naval Hospital asking for me, and they wouldn't tell him what the problem was. He said he was a little freaked out, too.

    3. Token needs to get home because I'm forbidden to change the cat litter and Nikko's litter box is looking a little disgusting. Just a little something to welcome Token home with! :p

    Oh, are any of you on Skype? We signed up and it's awesome!!!! Email me if you're on it and I'll shoot you our username.


    Sunday, March 01, 2009

    Reggio Calabria & Scilla

    This weekend, Token and I took an ITT trip across the ocean to mainland Italy. It was a lot of fun, although I think it's safe to say exhaustion has set in and I'm pretty much a zombie during the day. Getting to the mainland was so crazy... the bus drove straight onto the boat and then drove off once we got to the other side.

    This is the site of an old Roman spa.

    Reggio Calabria's main cathedral is pretty.

    After that, we went to the town's museum. We weren't allowed to take pictures, but the big draw is a set of bronze statues. I guess people come from all over to see these statues.

    From there, we were given free time, so we went with some friends to the market, then found some lunch.

    From there, we went to the town of Scilla. We didn't really see too much there, but did get to see the famous castle and walked along the beach.

    I told Token to give me a 'relective' look. Haha!!!

    The end!