Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I'm a little behind in the blogging, but the truth is, I have nothing exciting to write about! Token's in Germany this week and I have had my share of adventures:

1. Got home on Tuesday and found a note on the front gate that said something along the lines of "the gas might be momentarily out at 1:30 p.m." (thanks to the Italian dictionary, I was about to translate it.) Alright, well it was now 5:30 p.m., so I thought it would be good. Um.. nope. I went to heat up some water to make some rice and the gas went out. I tried to mess with the valves outside and couldn't figure it out. Called Token in a panic and he couldn't really help me that much, so he called our landlord who said he'd have his wife come out on Wednesday. So, I had one night of no heat, and a freezing cold shower on Wednesday morning. Oh my gosh, it was brutal. Landlord came over last night, did some finagling with the valves and got it to work. Go women!! I enjoyed an extra long hot shower this morning.

2. When Token was at the Sugarland concert on Saturday night (which actually turned into a meet & greet because Jennifer Nettles lost her voice and couldn't perform), I went to dinner with some friends. One of said friends was feeling a little sick; his cheeks were flushed, sore throat, cough, general achy bad feeling. Since Token had my car, my friend and his wife picked me up, so I was exposed to his germs. Well, I am not immune to rubella. I knew this five years ago when we got married, and I mentioned it to the nurse and she told me that rubella is all but gone and the chances of getting it are slim and they'll just mark it in my chart and give me a shot after I give birth. However, if you are exposed to it in the first trimester, your baby could have all sort of health problems. So, being the hypocondriac that I am, I got to thinking about my friend and his illness on Monday when I woke up with a raging sore throat and realized that a rash on your face is one of the classic symptoms of rubella. I freaked out. Called the nurse at the hospital, emailed my friend to see if he was immunized, etc. Thankfully he got back to me really fast and said that he received his MMR before he and his wife went to Africa some time ago. Still... stress I could do without! Poor Token, though. The Lt. of the hospital must have Token's cell phone as my point of contact, so he got a phone call from the Naval Hospital asking for me, and they wouldn't tell him what the problem was. He said he was a little freaked out, too.

3. Token needs to get home because I'm forbidden to change the cat litter and Nikko's litter box is looking a little disgusting. Just a little something to welcome Token home with! :p

Oh, are any of you on Skype? We signed up and it's awesome!!!! Email me if you're on it and I'll shoot you our username.



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Tracie/Token said...

Geez, you're up early!!!

Anonymous said...

Seriously sis buy some medical masks (I bet you already have some) and empty the litterbox... gross!!

dadone said...

Sooooo, the journey continues! Love ya dadone

DanTerry said...

So, what disease did your friend end up sharing? Hopefully it wasn't anything that will lead to gigantism.