Thursday, April 23, 2009

15 weeks along today!

We've got nothing going on this week... so, so this blog doesn't fade into oblivion, I'll post my "you're 15 weeks" information.


When will you "show"? At 15 weeks of pregnancy your uterus is just popping up above the pubic bone. You are at a very in-between stage right now. You may not yet look pregnant to the world -- or you may have already popped out. There is a great variation in the time your pregnancy becomes visible. This usually occurs between 14 and 20 weeks. If this is your second or third pregnancy, you are probably "showing" sooner than a first-time mom because the muscles of your abdomen are a bit more lax, and the uterus tends to fall forward more easily because of the relaxation of the supporting ligaments.
(I don't think I'm showing yet, but it's getting harder to suck in my stomach. Is that a bad thing to do? Suck in my stomach? Does that smoosh the baby? Maybe I should stop...)


Baby's skin is very thin, and blood vessels can be seen underneath. The skin is covered with a fine, fuzzy hair called lanugo, which will not fall out until your baby nears full-term. The heart is now pumping about 25 quarts of blood per day. This week marks a period of rapid growth, so get your rest!
(Baby B's a Sasquach! How exciting!)

I was just commenting to Token the other day how I'm not as tired as I have been. And then Tuesday came around and I could barely keep my eyes open. Guess the tiredness comes in spurts?

I made my next appointment with the doctor. It's on May 6. I think they do some blood stuff at this one to test for genetic issues. I'm not too excited to step on a scale. Bleh. The best outcome from this appointment is that I think I get to make the appointment with Radiology for the "big" ultrasound, where they do comprehensive measuring and check if it's a boy or girl!!!! I can't wait! We are going to Greece on May 12 through the 19th for our five-year wedding anniversary, so the appointment will probably be after we get back. I wonder who's in there? Mama's ready to shop!

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