Thursday, April 23, 2009

Messina 1/2 Marathon

Last Sunday, Token ran 13.1 miles. I sat at home, ate pretzels and watched Kung Fu Panda. My how our roles have reversed. :p

(I do have to say, I REALLY, REALLY miss running but am too paranoid to do it. I've given myself somewhat of a 9-month moratorium on it. We're in month three and I crave it. It kinda stinks. I have been getting exercise in the form of walking and Wii Fit though, so rest assured that I'm not just sitting around.)

Anyway... Token had to be down on base for a 6:30 a.m. departure, and well, getting up at 5 a.m. on Sunday didn't bode well with my beauty sleep, so he insisted I stay home. I did resist - for about a minute - and ultimately stayed in bed with Nikko.

Turns out, I'm not Token's good luck charm, which sucks. :(

He set a personal record - 2 hours flat. Not too shabby at all there, Mr. Runner Man!

Here's a picture from the race. The lady in the pink is the security commander's wife and the guy to the right of her is a Lieutenant, so the two men joked that they were her personal security detail. Haha!

Congrats, Token!


dadone said...

token, well done!! Secuirty detail sounds familiar. love dadone

dadone said...

sorry about the misspelling!!

DanTerry said...

Buddy, As I read Tracie's account of your recent half-mara run I had a flash back to Iceland,circa 1988 on a cold and icy day, when a boy ran his first 10K race. You came in third overall, running against Marines, Sailors, Airmen and a variety of other adults. I'm as proud of you now as I was then. Keep going!
I can't wait for Tracie to hit the pavement again so we can enjoy reports on both of you. You will be excellent t examples for your child if you keep this up. Love to both of you, Dad