Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mt. Etna Rifugio - picture overload!!!

My boss so generously gave me the day off on Monday, with the stipulation that I had to do a travel story. So, Token and I headed up to Mt. Etna while there was still some snow and I shot a few pictures. The "rifugio" is a popular place for Sicilians to go and drink hot chocolate, get great views of Sicily (if the weather's good), and just hang out.

This is where they serve hot chocolate, but it's not like the hot chocolate you are envisioning. It's eaten with a spoon because it's so thick. Think hot chocolate pudding. Not my cup of tea, but a lot of people really like it! (side note: these pictures are really dark for some reason... I was using the camera from the office and trying to figure it out. Obviously I need more practice!)

There are also a lot of shops around the rifugio...

My little adventurer had to get out and feel the snow on his toes...

The view on the way down is pretty cool. It was cloudy on the way down, but you can almost see the whole island!

Sicilians do this weird thing when they visit Etna... they pile a TON of snow onto their windshield and then see how long it stays on while driving down off the mountain. We had to join in on the fun. Of course!! (oh, and that's our cute little Fiat Punto!)


I am proud to report that the snow on our windshield made it all the way to our house, where Nikko got to experience his first sight and feel of snow! I don't think he liked it, though. This is about as close as he got to it.

Token, the kid at heart that he is, decided to build a snowcat. Here he is deep in concentration.

Final touches...


I think it looks more like a bunny than a cat, but I don't think the Easter bunny minds. He and Token are tight.


Nancy G said...

That was a CUTE ending to your story!! I agree, it looks like a rabbit!! HA HA!!

dadone said...

hi t & t, Mt. Edna Rifugio, wonderful, so did you have rabbit stew????? love dadone

Jer said...

Laughed out loud at the end of that one... well done Token!