Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Athens - Day 2

Although we were on vacation, since we technically only had one day to explore Athens, Token insisted on getting up early to get a jump start on exploring. We had breakfast on the roof and then hit the road.

This is a really bad picture, but shows you how close we are to our first stop.

After this, we went to see where the 1896 Olympic games were held.

This is what it looked like then...

And this is what it looks like now...

Token was lovin' it!

Since it started getting pretty hot outside, we decided to buy tickets on an open air bus tour. My kind of site-seeing!! Token, however, prefers to walk, although he now admits that we would have never seen all that we had seen if we had not jumped on the bus.

(oh, and that guy behind him was trying to get out of the picture. Didn't work too well. Haha!)

Here's some of the stuff we saw on the bus:

Changing of the guard...

The college...
... and a bunch of other stuff that we didn't take pictures of. Sorry!

We stopped and got off at the Archeological Museum and wandered around there for an hour or so. Token was happy to see this statue of a javelin thrower.

And I thought this was a pretty cool statue. They found these two pieces separately and they fit together so perfectly that they decided they must have been one piece at one time.

After the museum, we hopped back on the bus and headed up for the Acropolis, where we hopped off one final time. The hike up to the top of the Acropolis was a CRAZY one, but we took it slow and eventually got there.

This looks just like the theater in Taormina. No wonder - they are both Greek! It all makes sense now!

Doin' the bump...

Token's amazed at all things historical.

And I have to admit, it was pretty cool. It leaves a lot to your imagination. Like, how they did they build it? It's on a HUGE hill, overlooking the entire city and it just such a presence. Very cool.

After wandering around on the Acropolis for a bit, we walked down the hill and into Plaka, where we got a bite to eat.

Mmmm.... Greek salad. (minus the feta for me. Feta is non-pasteurized and therefore a no-no for pregnant women. This PSA brought to you by the Dairy Council.) The authentic Greek salad has the following ingredients: cucumber, tomato, caper, green pepper, red onion, olives, feta cheese, and olive oil. And it's delicious!!!

And you *know* Token had to get an authentic gyro.

Which he loved.

After we grabbed some gelato, we headed to this roof top outdoor movie theater and bought tickets to watch Angels and Demons. Very cool way to end the day!! To the left of the theater, the Acropolis was all lit up and it was just really fun. The movie was in English with Greek subtitles, so it worked out perfectly.

After the movie, we went back to the hotel and crashed as soon our heads hit the pillow.

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Nancy G said...

Beautiful pictures! Hey, you ARE looking pregnant now!!! Glad you had such a good time (too bad about the FETA)!!