Monday, May 11, 2009

Garlic Festival

Yesterday, Token and I headed to the town of Trecastagni for the annual garlic festival. It's actually a festival to honor the three patron saints of the town, but the main draw for non-Catholics is the garlic. They have it all over the place... check it out!

Supposedly, you are supposed to hang the garlic out in the sun for 15 days and then store it in a cool place. They say it can last up until a year, but I don't know if I'm willing to test out that theory!

Here's a picture of me with all the hoards of people. It was PACKED, and Italians aren't the most patient people, so there was a lot of nudging and pushing. The old women are the most notorious for this. I might have elbowed one in the face because she wouldn't stop pushing me. (small joke... kinda...)

Anyway, here's me and my "baby belly" which is a whole lot of nothin'. It looks like it here because I was leaning back and pushing my stomach out, but believe me, if I were not to do that, you wouldn't be able to tell.

Another one of the draws to the fair, in addition to the patron saints and the garlic, are the traditional Sicilian horse carts. These things are amazing. The detail is so intricate. There were well over 24 of these horses lined up getting ready for a parade down the main street.

Men ride in the carts behind the horse and play music. Very cool stuff.

Trecastagni has a great view of Mt. Etna. The snow is pretty much all gone, and there's been a lot more steam than we've seen since we've lived here. Hmm....

Moving on to festival food... we have some sort of sausage...
with all of the fixin's....


... and lard.... (yes, lard, as in fat, as in Crisco-like substance, as in artery-clogging, as in gross. They slice it thinly, place it on top of a piece of bread, and chow down.)

We bought some onions and garlic, and I'll show you what Token fixed up in the next post.

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Tammie said...

Ok, that lard sandwich sounds soooo yummy! Ew, not so much. The festival looks so neat. I wonder why we don't have anything like that over here. Hm.

Don't worry momma, your belly will grow! And fast ... and big ... and then you'll be like, dang, i can't move, i can't see my feet, i can't bend over. LOL. It's all coming :-)

Neat! You have an outside kitchen? I didn't notice that in your other pictures. Cool.