Monday, May 11, 2009


Well, today was the big day... because of a cancellation at the radiology department, my 'big' ultrasound was rescheduled for today. I was so excited to find out if Baby B was a he or a she. Come to find out, he/she is kind of shy and decided to not show his/her parts, so we have to go back on May 26 for round two. The technician did say that he's 80% sure that we're having a girl, but to not go shopping yet, so.... we'll see!!

He also said that all of the measurements look good. Baby doesn't have spina bifida, has two arms, two legs, a bladder, stomach, and all of the other stuff we all need to survive. So, yay! Here are a few pictures.

Look at those feet!! Hehehe!

And with that, we're off to Greece! Be back in a week!

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Skvaril's said...

When Noah wouldn't "behave" for his gender ultrasound, the technician was going to go with girl. Thankfully, after much prodding, Noah flippity flipped immodestly and we saw, what the doc called the "tallywhacker". :) Hope you find out more positively the next go around!