Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Baby GIRL update!

Just got back from my doctor's appointment. I'm 21 weeks, 5 days along today. Everything looks good... blood pressure good, weight good, fundal height good. He got the results from my quad screen and everything came back negative, so that's doubly good. I'm not really feeling much, if any, movement, so I asked about that and he said not to worry because the heartbeat is strong and the ultrasounds have all been normal. He said that it gets important to feel movement at 28 weeks, but before is not as important. I have to go do my gestational diabetes test tomorrow and am hoping that'll come back negative, too. So, that's that!


Anonymous said...

WOW! Your dad has missed #1 two blogs in a row now....anyway! Glad everything has come out good! You are a little over half way already! How exciting!! I have been looking at baby girl clothes already! Love ya!

Nancy G said...

Yeah!! Glad everything is going as "scheduled"!!! Keep healthy!!

Now two posts before Dadone!!!

dadone said...

I get the hint, busy, very busy, wonderful news about baby b and the pictures, I just can say WOW!!!!!!!!!! love you all, dadone