Monday, June 08, 2009

Cruising on the Aegean

On Saturday, Token signed us up for a catamaran tour of the caldera in the Aegean Sea. It was really cool. There were only eight of us on this huge yacht and we felt so exclusive, especially passing by other boat tours packed to the gills with people and a loudspeaker blaring exactly what they were seeing. Ours was definitely the preferred way to see the sites.

The island of Santorini was originally a big, huge volcano. There was an eruption a long, long time ago, and the top of the volcano sank into the ocean, leaving behind what is now known as Santorini (translated as Saint Irene). Where the top of the volcano once was is now the ocean, which is called the caldera. Some scientists think that this is where the lost civilization of Atlantis is located.

::Tracie takes a bow::

Anyway, moving on to some pictures. On our tour was a married couple from Philadelphia and a gay couple, who were hilarious. It was a really fun group, especially after lunch when the captain of the boat popped open the bubbly.

Leaving the port at Oia

The island has three distinct beaches - white sand, black sand, and red sand. Our first stop was to anchor right by the red sand beach for some swimming. The water was FREEZING, but that didn't stop my little Aquaman!

And here he is snorkeling by the white sand beach.

Look at how clear the water is there! Really no need for a snorkel when you can see the bottom from standing on the boat.

The black sand beach was not so much of a beach, rather a bunch of lava mounds. The water surrounding the lava was like a hot spring, so we stopped there for awhile.

It's funny... Token was always the first one in the water. Guess there's something to be said for Aquarians loving water.

Just a cool picture of the sail. Token took this!

And finally, cruising back to the pier.

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