Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm determined...

... to finish this Greece recap this week. Here's the final post of our vacation, and contains mostly random pictures in a random order. Don't hold it against me, m'kay?

On Sunday, we rented a cute little SmartCar convertible and drove around the island. I was a major grouch that day and Token put up with me. I'm surprised he didn't just drop me off at the hotel and go exploring on his own. ;)

Look at this cutesy little car!

The hotel's cat, Stratos is a frisky one!

Plan foiled!

Our view from dinner one night.

Where I'm happy to say neither of us ate THIS:


Pretty sunset shots...

See? I was groooooouchy!!!! Rarrr...

Just random prettiness.

Baby bump picture with the sunset...

And yet again more sunset. Oh Stratos, you lucky cat who gets to view this sunset six months of the year. (the other six he's in Athens. Lucky critter!)

As they would say in Greek, The End. No, seriously, I typed "The End" in English in Google Tranlate and said to translate it to Greek and it said it was The End. See? Hahaha!

Okay, well I realize that picture is teeny, but trust me. I says that "The End" in Greek is "The End."

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Nancy G said...

You can be grouchy if you want to - BUT your time is running out!!! Those were some beautiful pics!! We're leaving tomorrow for our cruise - I'm soooo excited!!!