Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary... does your garden grow? We aren't eating home grown tomatoes or peppers yet, but things are moving right along! Remember what it looked like a few months ago?

Here's a refresher:

Here it is today!

It doesn't look very different, but I am optimistic that those little seedlings are down in that lava-rich soil doing their thing. ( least I hope they are.)

The squash seems to be the All-Star and over-achiever right now. It's the leafy looking stuff on the edge.

The peppers and onions are the slackers of the group.

Hey, even if we don't get any vegetables, I do have the cutest little garden markers.

We have a little bitty basil plant. Yum - basil!

And the sage has always done well. Nikko loves the smell of sage. Can't keep him out of it!

In fact, he loves being in the garden period. I wonder if that's the reason some of the stuff isn't growing? Hmm... maybe he needs some catnip.

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