Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Santorini, Greece. In a word: amazing

There wasn't supposed to be a day three of our stay in Athens, but those pesky Greeks decided to have an aviation strike the day we were due to fly down to Santorini, so we had to adjust our travel plans. Word of warning to anyone traveling to Greece. Do NOT fly Olympic Airlines. Our original flight pre-strike was set to take off for Santorini around noon. The best they could do for us was put us on a flight the next day at 9:35 p.m. Even my tears and excessive rubbing of my baby belly didn't elicit sympathy from those cold-as-stone Olympic reps.

Token took pity on me and we decided to check with another airline, Aegean (awesome!) and were able to buy two tickets for the following morning at 5:35 a.m. Olympic did NOTHING in terms of vouchers for dinner, hotel, etc. Nada, ziltch. Boo on them.

So, we spent one more night in Athens, but this time at the Sofitel by the airport. We didn't really want to pay the 60 Euro fee one-way twice plus the cost of a hotel, so this was the best plan. We had a whole day in front of us, so we jumped on the airport shuttle that took people out to this shopping complex thing, and tortured ourselves walking around Ikea. It's tough shopping knowing you can't buy anything! We ordered room service for dinner and just pretty much did nothing. Oh, and we found out that our hotel in Santorini (www.ikies.com) still charged us for the night we were stuck in Athens. Nice. This is a hotel that's supposed to be known for their customer service, and I have to say I was pretty let down. It was a strike, for crying out loud. What were we supposed to do?!?!

Moving on. We got to the airport around 4 a.m. the next morning, relieved to see that flights were departing on time. The flight to Santorini was uneventful, and we flew over a bunch of Greek islands. The sun was just rising, so it was really, really pretty! However, someone with a greasy forehead enjoyed the view out of the airplane window before our flight, so there are no pictures. I didn't want to find out if swine flu was transmittable via stranger grease. Blech!

We landed in Santorini, filed in to the one and only baggage claim and collected our stuff. There was a driver from the hotel waiting to pick us up. The drive to the hotel was pretty fast, and we climbed higher and higher until we got to the town of Oia (pronounced Ia). Two staff members from Ikies were waiting for us, one to grab our bags and the other to show us to our room. Breakfast is served every morning out on each room's terrace, but since it was only 7 a.m., we had to wait a couple hours until ours was delivered. We took that time to take a couple pictures of our home for four days, and I took a quick nap.

Around 9 a.m., they came through with breakfast. It was good stuff!

When we first checked in, we were given a list of what items were available for breakfast and we kind of went to town checking things off. Token went back the second day and requested double the meat and cheese, because we had some furry visitors that begged to be fed, and we were happy to oblige.

Check out this view!

The first part of the afternoon was spent lounging around our terrace. Token tested out the private hot tub, and I read some magazines.

This was on Friday, May 15, which also just so happens to be our wedding anniversary. 5 years, Mamma Mia! We got a nice note from the hotel staff and a bottle of champagne that Token drank on our last night there.

After relaxing for a bit, we headed out to explore the town. Here are some scenery shots. This place is truly remarkable!

The blue domes are churches!

This was taken from a bathroom window!

The town was kind of like an artists' town. There were local artists selling their stuff everywhere. Blown glass is really popular, as is stuff made out of pumice.

Our hotel is waaaay down there on the other end.

After wandering a bit, we headed back to our hotel, where Token enjoyed the pool again.

We had a few more visitors, too. I think they were looking for dinner. We couldn't help them, though, because we had reservations at a place for our anniversary. Next time, kitties!

We ate dinner at this place called Ambrosia. It was so good, and the view was beautiful! We each started with a salad. For our main course, I had some kind of pasta with sun-dried tomatoes, and Token had what he describes as the best lamb he's ever tasted.


After eating, we decided we needed to walk a bit, so we wandered around the town for a little while and then headed back to Ikies. Fun first day in Santorini!

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