Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sorta, kinda, maybe a cherry festival

A couple weekends ago, I (Token... yes I actually take pictures & write) went to a cherry festival with some friends. It was a blistering 95+-ish that day. Tracie wisely decided to stay home and veg out in our pseudo-air conditioning and nap the day away with Nikko and Baby girl :)

This is a very interesting cathedral in the town of Milo... you would never guess how beautiful it is inside. The cherry festival (of a whole 5 booths) was across the piazza from here and it was a dud :( The cherries that we bought were incredible, though. So, with the festival being a bust the gang headed out for some more Mt. Etna region fun.

The highlight of the cherry festival for me was this cheese and meat booth... good local flavors, but dang there sure was some stinky cheese in there. I had the unfortunate experience of buying some of this cheese and stunk up everything around me... Sorry Matt & Christine. I hope the car has all the funk out of it now!!!

Here we are... the Milo cherry festival crowd!!!

Neat front door of the cathedral in Milo. The sets of doors depict the key moments in the town's saints lives and miracles.

So, this little truck/veggie stand by the 100 Horse Chestnut Tree was pretty neat... lots of great local flavors to taste. The tree that we stopped to see is the largest & oldest chestnut tree in Europe... kind of a neat thing to enjoy the shade under on a hot day!

Seriously... SNOW on the peak of active Mt. Etna on a 95+ degree day! Crazy weather this summer in Sicily... as you can see, though, the vineyards are right on track.

The fields all around Etna are filled with grapes and other seasonal goodies that are sure to please in the very near future!

Road kill tourist style... actually there were much better Rob pix from this trip but those are saved for more appropriate times when black mail and good embarrassment merit :)

Lunch... can you go wrong with spaghetti carbonara in Italy anywhere? This plate was made at an amazing little restaurant on the side of the road on the edge of a small town on Mt. Etna. Meals like this make me love living in Sicily!

Anyone else notice that there are no pictures of cherries? Interesting... but the trip was more about being with good friends on a beautiful day in Sicily! Tracie was very well rested when I got home and Nikko was ready to roam the yard for geckos and whatever made the mistake of entering his domain!


Mom Br. said...

Wow Token,
Great to hear from you! Your trip sounds like fun and that food sure looks good! Love the pics. Keep it up! Love ya!

dadone said...

Token, really glad to see the trip pictures and writings, I knew "T" got it from somewhere..... now I know!!!! love dadone

Tracie/Token said...

Umm... actually, I have a degree in journalism and can write just fine all on my own. :p

dadone said...

"T" I'm sorry, just having a little fun, that is all, no more dadone