Monday, September 28, 2009

Grape Festival

Token and I decided to wander out of the confines of our house yesterday and head up to a Grape Festival on the slopes of Mt. Etna. We went at the perfect time of day... hardly any crowds, easy to find parking, and no pushing or shoving. Unfortunately, since there weren't many people, it was kind of boring. And, we didn't find or see any grapes. Kinda strange!  Oh well. It was all worth it for this:

CORN!!!! Do you *know* how badly I've been wanting fresh corn on the cob? Let's just say that I have dreamed about it. Token bought four ears. While it's not Indiana corn, it's not frozen, and therefore tastes  amazing. Oh corn, how I've missed you.

Sicilian festivals are nothing without cute little blobs of stinky cheese. This booth in particular was extra repungent.

There were really, really old Sicilian carts, which were really ornate and cool.

Each cart has a story associated with it. This one seems to be about deception and murder. Scandalous!

There were also bright and happy painted carts. But what's the fun in that?

We might possibly go to a festival honoring the beloved pistachio this weekend. We'll see how I feel. After we got home from this festival, I conked out on the couch for a few hours. Walking those cobblestone streets takes a lot out of ya!


Gil said...

The roasted corns looks real good. But, the cheese booth picture got me hungry as I know some of those cheeses have to be real delicious. My relatives used to call the hanging cheese "ninni" (sp?) cheese as they kind of looked like breasts.

Mom said...

Hmm, a grape festival with no grapes? Maybe they were all gone by the time you got there. Better luck with the pistachios! The old carts look pretty cool. When I saw your pic of the blobs of cheese, I thought they were birdhouses made from gourds! Ha! Wrong! Lova Ya

dadone said...

Love the pictures, no grapes? What is up with misadvertising, oh well!!! love dadone