Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nursery Update!

The wall decal is up! It's cute.... a LOT pinker than I thought it was going to be, but I'm hopeful it'll grow on me.

Here's Token doing his thing!

Nikko always has be involved. He's found a new nap spot... the changing table!

Now, it looks like the decal clashes REALLY badly with the red wall, but if you see it in person, it's not so bad.

And here's the room so far... it's getting there! (just a note, Italian homes don't have closets, hence the freaking huge armoire that's rapidly being filled with clothes!)

It's getting there! I ordered a bunch of cute prints off of and they should be here soon. Two will go on the left wall, two will go on the right wall, and one will go behind the rocking chair.

Oh, and you want to know what Token said to me after he was done? "I'm going to go watch sports." I think the pink is getting to him! :p


Sarah said...

Looking so cute! Did you get your wall decal on etsy? I just ordered one for our bathroom - a pretty brown branch with an orange bird. Who on etsy did you order prints from? I am always looking for new etsy "favorites!" :)

Tracie/Token said...

Hi Sarah! Yep, the decal came from Etsy. We got it from studiojk and the prints are coming from creativethursday. I could spend HOURS on Etsy searching for stuff. I'm kinda somewhat addicted.

Nancy G said...

It's looking really cute! Love seeing all those little pink clothes!! We need another picture of YOU - aren't you at 8 months now? Just think, this time next month SHE might be here!!!!

Lisa B said...

Her room is so stinkin cute!!! Love, love, love it!! I too could spends hours upon hours on etsy...