Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Amelia's first birthday party!

Well, the party I planned for over six months is over. It was tons of fun and I think it went really well. I don't have the best pictures, but here are some.

I was super proud of the sweet table. It turned out really well! Pictures don't really do it justice.

Getting the food set up. Here's the menu, in case anyone's interested: (THIS IS DELICIOUS!!!!!)

We also did a caprese salad on skewers, and baked a bunch of frozen stuff, like arancinis, southwest rolls, and stuff like that.

See my cute owl skewers? They were originally going to be for a mixed drink, but we ran out of time, so Token put the caprese salad on them. They turned out so cute!!

More food... in the white bowl is a pumpkin pie dip --- YUM!!!!

Token made this banner at the last minute. I'm glad he's crafty like that!

Amelia's cake that she could not have cared less about.

Jones Sodas and bottled waters personalized.

The kids who came all got little Trick or Treat felt bags filled with little toys and stuff. I bought Chinese take out boxes and treat bags for the adults to fill with candy from the sweet table.

My little birthday girl!

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Anonymous said...

We love you too!!!! What more is there to say!!