Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One year...

One year ago, I was in labor, getting ready to welcome my biggest blessing into the world.

It's hard to put into words this past year. It's been a year of learning, and observing, and opening my heart to a love I've never known before. I'll admit - today is bittersweet for me, and I've already shed some tears because my baby girl is growing up and it's just going way too fast. I just want to bottle up all that she is now and keep it in a box to open whenever I need a pick-me-up. I'm so thankful and feel so blessed that I have such a spunky, independent, hilarious little girl.

To my sweet Amelia,

I love how when you wake up, you take a big looooong stretch and then stand right up and reach your arms out to be picked up.
I love how you laugh when we chase you around the house, and how you find the closest person to "protect" you.
I love how you read books, by really studying each page before turning to the next one.
I love your cuddles, even though they are getting fewer and shorter because you want to be on the go.
I love the look on your face when you know you're not supposed to touch something but touch it anyway. It's such a little smirk, and I can't be mad at you.
I love how you will hold my hand when you walk.
I love when you recognize me or your dad from far away and will flap your arms and point and smile.
I love your love for animals, and even though your "love" can be rough, I know Nikko loves you, too.
I love how you wake up on the weekend and sit in your crib and talk to yourself before we go in and get you.
I love how you'll stop everything you're doing if you hear music, and that you'll look around to find where the music is coming from and then will start dancing. It's the cutest thing ever.
I love you.

Happy Birthday, my baby girl!

I'll love you always,


Anonymous said...

Tracie!! That is sooo sweet - it makes me cry! I remember when you and Michael and all the cousins were little like that! It goes by sooo fast! Enjoy Amelia for all shes worth!!!

Bunches of Love to all of you!!


Anonymous said...

Ok seriously.....I guess I needed to cry today! That was the sweetest thing ever and yes I agree it does go way too fast! Happy Birthday sweet Amelia! We Love You!
Auntie Crystal, Uncle Jeremy & Baby Gavin

Anonymous said...

Okay, you've got grandma crying too! As soon as I read the first line of your little note, it got me going!! Please give my little granddaughter a big hug and kiss from me on her first birthday. What a little sweetheart she is! Love to you all!

Gil said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Amelia! Your poem is something she will treasure more and more as she gets older.